The Tour Two-Day Series on the Sneds Tour consists of three (3) 36-hole junior golf events across Tennessee. These events serve as ideal junior golf tournaments for Tour Division players who are looking to compete in two-day, 36 hole championships. 

June 8-9, Two Rivers GC, Nashville
June 28-29, BeaverBrook CC, Knoxville 
June 28-19, Champions Run GC, Rockvale


If you look at the schedule (summer schedule released February 6th), the two events designated with "Tour 2-Day @" prior to the golf course name (i.e. Tour 2-Day @ Two Rivers) is part of the series. Those events that have no prefix or a different prefix prior to the golf course name are a part of a different series. These events will take place at golf courses in the Middle Tennessee area.

Who Can Play

Any Tour Division player that signed up for a full Sneds Tour membership is eligible to register for any Tour Two-Day Series event. Masters Division players cannot register to play in Tour Two-Day events. 

How Do I Register

You must be registered as a Sneds Tour full member and use your ID and password to register for each event. For information on how to sign up for membership and tournaments click here. | |